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Ability for End-User to Decide Payment Amount

It would be great to have the option to allow users to voluntarily decide whether they will contribute and if so, how much. For apps using this approach, instead of specifying the number of "free messages", we could specify when the end-user would be shown the voluntary payment screen. Ideally we would have the option to specify either after a certain number of messages or when the AI displays a certain "trigger" word or phrase. We would program that key word or phrase into the AI's prompt. So in a complex prompt that handles a step-by-step process, basing the appearance of the voluntary payment screen on a trigger word or phrase would allow us to control the exact step at which that screen would appear. In some cases, you might want it at the next-to-last step, by which time they would know the value of what they've gained from the app but would still have one final step to complete the process.

Gene Kraybill 19 days ago